Visit from Dalith and Tahnee Gebhardt from Germany

Dalith and Tahnee arrived (a little tired!) on Sunday Oct 13 2002 to stay with us for the week. Here are some photos they have taken so far!

Nick, Janet & Ann Gent's house

Janet in her natural habitat!

Erin (Ann's neighbour), Ann and Tahnee, getting on fine...

Ann with her pet rabbit, 'Ruby'.

Erin and Rabbit

One of our two cats - Ellis (who would eat the Rabbit, give half a chance!)

Our other cat, Ellis's mum, Penny

Dalith with Ellis

Dalith is a big Harry Potter fan. Here she is wearing his glasses :-)

Ann Potter

Tahnee Potter

Erin Potter

Dalith and that Rabbit

Tahnee, the wrong way up!