The Gent Family Home Page (legacy page - out of date!)

Hello! Thanks for visiting Nick, Jan and Ann's home page.

Please note - this page was last updated around 2001 and is out of date :-)

Nick is a Jazz Guitar player working mainly in a guitar duet called DESAFINADO.

By day Nick 'moonlights' as an electronics design engineer with Agilent Technologies (which was the Test and Measurement organisation within Hewlett Packard, until it split in June 2000) where he is involved with FPGA design, VHDL, and digital hardware and software design of embedded systems.

Jan gave up her job as a countryside ranger when Ann was born in April 1993. Ann is currently working her way through primary school. Her free time is occupied by swimmimg, gym, and playing with her friends in the street!

Our home is graced by two cats. Penny is half British Blue (goodness knows what the other half is!), and she lives here with her son Ellis who is presumably a quarter British Blue. Cat lovers look here for moggy mug shots.

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