Is it music?

Does p2s generate music? When is a sound 'music' and when is it... just a sound?

When I was a kid I spent hours at night listening to shortwave radio. The shortwave bands came alive at night, and with the right kind of radio it was possible to tune into signals of all sorts including morse code and 'teletype' from shipping and military sources. One particular style of transmission, known as MFSK (multi frequency shift keying) was generated by electro-mechanical machines and made a wonderful repetitive bleeping noise. I used to lie in bed listening to it through headphones and I found it stangely hypnotic and - well, musical. It was like a kind of crazy be-bop which was enhanced by weird atmospheric effects due to variable shortwave reception.

So, was my musical respose to this sonic 'objet trouve' valid? Actually I don't care! It seems to me that we humans are pre-programmed to seek out rythm and melody in everything we hear including speech and sounds in nature. I can get musical pleasure out of all sorts of noises, some of which is intended to be music (like Cecil Taylor playing the piano) and many which are purely natural or accidental. Maybe p2s is somewhere in between!

Live discussion

Under construction. If there is sufficient interest I will set up some kind of blog/forum for feedback, ideas, sounds, code...

What's next for p2s

There are so many ways this idea could develop, and so little time to do it.

Here are some applications of technology like p2s. Most of these ideas are not original (a quick google confirms that) and most have been suggested to me by more than one person. Please email me more!

Immediate plans for development of p2s (as time permits!) 

More way out stuff that could be done:


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I don't have much spare time these days (p2s was written during a few long nights!!) but will try and answer as quick as I can. Have fun!