Attributions for images used on this site

Special thanks to photographers who freely donate their work through sites like flickr.

Photo used on home page: 'Somewhere Under The Rainbow' by D Sharon Pruitt. Reproduced under creative commons attribution license. From an incredible collection of her photographs.

The following images were used in the header graphic, all reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution-non-commercial license:

Umbrellas on beach by Marek52
Heron sunrise by DreamEchos
Rainbow umbrella by SeenyaRita
White flower by Jim Dollar
Sunset tree by silkegb
Pink sunrise by dwstucke

Images on the Examples page:

The following images are reproduced under creative commons attribution license:

Buckingham Guard by Brian Teutsch
Flowers and Sun by Zanastardust
Bright rainbow by magicfoundry

The following images are reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution-non-commercial-share-alike license:

'Rainbow with Bird' by charlestilford

The following images are reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution-share-alike license:

Photo of Louis Stewart by vernon.hyde

Images of 'jousting at Linlithgo Palace' were taken by my colleague (and excellent photographer!) Gilbert Jamieson. All rights reserved.

Speaker icon reproduced under creative commons attribution.

Other image-to-sound projects

Here are some links to some other sites I found on similar subjects. When I first researched it, I found very little. But with improved search terms I have now found some similar projects. I haven't had time to study these yet, but it will be interesting to see how others have done it...

Other visualizations of John Coltrane's Giant Steps

Check out these amazing animations...

Wrapping Tcl scripts

Tcl scripts can be wrapped in a way that allows them to be run on any windows computer -  even when Tcl is not installed on that computer. The tool used is the open-source freewrap program. Freewrap was used to create p2s.exe